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Parenting is hard. Your children only have one childhood. If you're here, you want to see your family thrive and rediscover the magic in your home. If you have concerns around social, emotional, behavioural or learning needs, let's work together to find the root cause. Many issues that come up with children are symptoms or a misalignment of their environment or attachment. The fact that you are here looking to learn and seek support means you are tuned in to your child and ready for change. Change is possible and often small shifts can make a big impact! I can't wait to show you how.

Work Together

Mother to two girls ages 9 and 6

Certified teacher + 13 years of classroom experience

Virtual parenting coach & educational consultant

Robichaud Family

"We are a family that is more in flow, more connected and life is easier."

Before working with Kim, we felt unsure, overwhelmed and that we didn't have enough structure to support our family. Now I feel empowered that I have the knowledge to implement routines & structure that support my family. I feel more confident in my parenting overall.

Our story

In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, my husband and I moved our family from Toronto to Halifax for a life that would better reflect our core values: love, health, and freedom.

We both left incredible teaching jobs, most of our "stuff" and everyone we know and love for a dream that could help our girls grow and thrive. We enjoy a lifestyle that allows us a slower pace and much more connection. We spend our free time on the beach or in the forest. When we aren't raising our family, my husband and I spend our days doing what we love most—supporting others to be their best. He coaches teachers and I coach parents.

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