Welcome to a comprehensive school readiness program written by a former Kindergarten teacher designed to ensure parents, educators and caregivers feel calm, confident, and informed. This program will teach you about the developmental needs of 3-6 year olds so you can help them thrive as they enter formal education.

Starting school is a major milestone for the whole family, and if you are feeling both excited and anxious, you aren't alone. 


This Program Is For You If...

‚ąö Your child is starting school in September or is 3-6 years old
‚ąö You are looking for a gentle and holistic way to prepare your child and help them thrive (mind, body, and spirit)
‚ąö You acknowledge¬†that the first formal educational experience is a major transition for the child, the mother, and the whole family unit
‚ąö You want to avoid or buffer potential stress, chaos, overwhelm and exhaustion that can come with starting school
‚ąö You are seeking guidance to proactively and intentionally ensure that the first day, first week, and first year are successful experiences
Oh my goodness yes!


"I feel empowered knowing exactly how I can support my daughter starting school. We are going to start the countdown calendar today. I just wish I had this course when my son entered Kindergarten."


"I am SO humbled by this information. As a teacher, I thought I knew my stuff about school but Kim's advice about social/ emotional regulation, packing food, building resilience- wow. What an incredible resource. I thought I was prepared, but now I'm excited to optimize this experience for her."


"Affirmed my feeling that we treat the fall as a sacred time to say no and allow us all to ease in without the extras. Now I feel like I have the permission I needed to do this. Kim really thinks of everything and brings parents information they need but wouldn't normally have access to. Peace of mind is everything."

This course will help you:

Feel calm and confident, which will energetically transfer to your child.

Increase transparency of the full day kindergarten program so you are informed and empowered.

Ensure your child has social, emotional, physical and cognitive readiness skills.

 Increase support around separation, morning routines, sleep, language, and motor development.



Learn how to prepare, without the overwhelm.

Starting school is a big deal and a significant milestone for your child and the whole family. Being unprepared or spending your time and energy focusing on the wrong things can rock your September and make for a challenging year. I've been preparing families for Kindergarten for over 10 years and I'm so happy to share my tried and true strategies with you. When you understand the Kindergarten program and what the day will look like, you can plan for your child's unique needs and how to set them up for success. Making the unfamiliar more familiar is the key to feeling calm, confident, and informed. When you feel good, so does your child!



Imagine this...

  • You have a better understanding of developmental needs of 3-6 year olds
  • You have a clear idea of what to focus on at home to support learning and growth
  • You know how to execute a smooth drop off and pick up ritual
  • You pack school lunches and snacks with ease
  • You confidently navigate the after school meltdown like a pro


Starting School?

This is what I need!

Meet Your Host

Hey I'm Kim, mom of 2, and former Kindergarten teacher.

Starting School is my signature program and this is the 8th year running it- I am so glad you are here!

For over 15 years I have been working with families to support their children with big transitions. Starting school is an emotional, physical, and spiritual leap. This milestone affects the entire family; but with some care and intention you can really buffer this experience and enjoy the incredible growth opportunity that it is.

As the founder of Roots & Wings Childhood, I support, educate, mentor and coach parents with their parenting goals. This work provides families with incredible tools, mindset and strategy that is "child honouring and parent empowering".

My approach is warm and direct. I consider the whole child and help parents navigate their world at home, at school and everything in between. I am passionate about children and protecting childhood. In 2020 when I left the classroom, I knew the best way to increase my impact and help children would be to help their parents and the adults who care for them.

I work with families and schools internationally and would love to hear from you.

Let's connect!

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To check out my work visit www.rootsandwingschildhood.com

For questions, group rates, or public speaking inquiries email [email protected]¬†


"Thank you for this course. I thought it might be ridiculous planning a year in advance but the tools and ideas you shared gave me so much confidence!"

Laura + Jay

"This information is so well organized. You inspired us to go for a walk to our school after dinner to play on the grounds. We can't wait to incorporate all of our tips over the next couple of weeks."


"Thank you Kim! I feel so much more confident that my November babe will be ready! Wow, I'm so impressed with this course."

Everything You Need To Start School 

What's included:

  • Self-Paced Video Modules with Lifetime Access
  • Printable Checklists + Visuals
  • Group Coaching Calls with Live Q&A (June-Oct)

Are you¬†a preschool director, primary school principal, curriculum coordinator or PA president? Inquire about group rates for your educators and incoming families. Email [email protected]

Course Content

Preparing for Kindergarten

  • Parent mindset
  • What to expect in a typical school day
  • Is my child ready?
  • School supply list
  • 10 things to do before the first day of school

Kindergarten Skill Building

  • How to encourage independence, self-help and autonomy
  • Building your child's mind-body connection
  • Social skills, what to expect and what is "normal"
  • Increasing effective language and communication
  • 5 Key mindset phrases that will get your child through the day¬†

Strategies for a Smooth School Year

  • Common obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Successful drop off and pick up rituals
  • Packing school lunches and snacks
  • Managing after school meltdowns
  • Dressing for the weather to optimize outdoor play
  • Scheduling, extra curricular programming¬†and home life
  • Building a positive parent teacher and student teacher relationship
  • Best ways to support the classroom and school community
Oh my goodness yes!

Check out these incredible FREE bonuses!

In addition to everything inside of Starting School, you will also receive these FREE BONUSES to kickstart your confidence and set your child up for the best school experience ever ever.

  • 8 Incredible Guest Speakers- hear from our expert panel to address the needs of your whole child. ($500 Value)
  • Instagram Group Chat-¬†you will be added to this high vibe community for extra support
  • EARLY BIRD BONUS- sign up before July 15th and you will receive a 1:1 call (60 min over Zoom) with Kim to discuss your child's specific learning needs and your family goals ($250 value).

Frequently Asked Questions

Designed to create the best school experience possible

Count Me In

Diana + Ryan

"Our son went through the JK program last year with a lot of ups and downs. This course guided us on how to navigate SK and build a confident, independent, kind, and nourished little human. We feel both empowered and motivated to take a step back, breathe, and reset for a successful school year."


"Thank you for such an informative course! I'm feeling way more confident that my almost JKer is ready. There were so many great take aways but my favourite was probably the visual timer for the morning. Getting up early will be out biggest struggle and I know this will be a huge help!"


"Wow, this course was so much more than I even hoped for! My biggest learning moment was realizing anxiety is going to happen and to lean into changes because growth is always on the other side of a struggle. There is still a lot to process, but I am so happy I have you if questions come up along the way."