Learn how to create more free play in your home so your child can learn independently and you can sit back and enjoy your coffee, hot!

“Our virtual play room transformation not only changed the way we spend time at home, but it amplified our children’s creativity and how they interact with materials. Kim brought invaluable suggestions and approached our space with such simplicity and innovation.”

  - Robin

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Lately, you’ve been noticing …


โœ”๏ธŽ your child is always asking you to play with them

โœ”๏ธŽ your child can never find the toy they are looking for

โœ”๏ธŽ your child isn’t engaging with the items they have the way you hoped they would

โœ”๏ธŽ your child avoids the playroom and brings their toys into other parts of the house

โœ”๏ธŽ your child puts up a fuss when it’s clean up time

โœ”๏ธŽ the toys are overwhelming you and taking over 

โœ”๏ธŽ the playroom is a disaster, and you avoid that area because what’s the point, it will just get messy again!

Yes that's meโ€”tell me more!

Introducing, Purposeful Play


A self-paced course designed to educate and inspire you about how play impacts children cognitively, socially, and emotionally. 

In this course you will learn about the benefits of play, so that you can confidently facilitate deep, rich, independent play that inspires children to connect with themselves, others, and the world around them.

For the mom or dad who wants to...

  • Sip their Saturday morning coffee- hot!
  • Host play dates that run themselves
  • Take back their home and edit their toy collections
  • Provide a special space that is just for your child to learn and grow (it can be a play wall, play corner, play nook or entire playroom)
  • Support social skills, emotional regulation, critical thinking, imagination and creativity 
  • Enrich their child’s development during the ages of 2 years - 10+ years

For the teacher, educator or caregiver who wants to...

  • Enhance quality play-based learning
  • Curate their space to engage children with open-ended toys and tools
  • Foster a love of learning in a developmentally appropriate way 
  • Increase independence, cooperation, collaboration, critical thinking skills, self-regulation and social skills
  • Enrich their student’s development during the early years preschool - grade 5

I see you, and I created
Purposeful Play just for you!

You're speaking my language

"Taking the play course has been the most amazing thing that we did for our family and we reap the benefits every single day. This program changed not only our lives, but our kids lives and I'm so so grateful for it." -Sarah


Learn how to use the elements of time, space and tools to build deep, rich, independent play.


In this course, you will explore the benefits of play, different kinds of play, and how play is the language and work of a child. By learning about play, you will also learn about your child, strengthen your connection, and have clarity around what are the exact steps to take when creating functional and purposeful play space at home. 

Because play is a very foundational need for a growing child, you may witness quick and significant changes in their behaviour and mood that will transfer into all areas of their life. 

In this course, you will learn how to support your child's development so you can nurture their mental and physical wellness. When your child has more free play at home, they will increase their confidence and self-esteem, emotional regulation, cognitive development and academic learning, imagination, critical thinking skills and social skills (even if playing alone).


"Taking this course helped us create a place where our daughter can explore and be surrounded by things she loves! She flows between everything that is accessible to her. Having this space created less clutter in other areas of our home and given everyone a little more time and time." -Allison


I'm Kim

Kim Marshall is the founder and CEO of Roots & Wings Childhood, where she provides families with tools, mindset and strategy that are child honouring and parent empowering. Kim is a certified teacher and parenting coach, with an international community.

In Purposeful Play, Kim shares  what she has studied and lived over the past 15 years with her students and her own children, facilitating authentic play and simple, meaningful learning invitations.   

During Kim's classroom teaching career, her classroom environments were coveted as innovative and inspiring. She enjoyed helping colleagues set up play-based learning spaces before offering her services as a virtual playroom designer for parents to use the same successful principals in the home. Kim believes that when children and adults feel good in their space, they will be capable of deep, rich, meaningful work that lasts longer and is filled with conversation and curiosity.


In this course, we'll cover...

Module 1

The Importance
of Play

Module 2

My Step-by-Step Process for Creating an Inspiring
and Inviting Space

Module 3

 Different Ways to
Display Toys + Materials

Module 4

Rotating and Storing Toys
(even if you have limited space)

Module 5

 Playroom designs

Module 6

Playing With Your Child and Playful Parenting


Module 7

Independent Play


Module 8

Sourcing and Material Lists 








“Purposeful play helped me create a play space that serves as a retreat for big emotions. My son and daughter have a place in the house that is all their own. This has helped us feel more connected and in flow as a family. I used what I learned in this course to build nooks and display areas, where my kids can find everything they need without asking. They are picking up toys they haven’t used in years.




"Before tackling our toys and playroom, there were big feelings of overwhelm. I knew the environment I wanted to create, I just didn’t know where to start and everything seemed so out of reach. Through the play concepts Kim teaches, I have gained a lot more confidence within myself, and so much trust within my kids.



How do you envision yourself looking back on the time your children were young ?


Will you feel like you rushed around from activity to activity, making sure they were “busy”?

Will you feel exhausted and overstimulated, because you felt the need to entertain them?

Or will you enjoy memories of cozy and connected days at home, where your children were able to freely flow while building critical lifelong social-emotional skills?

Will you be wishing you had more time to watch them grow and learn in an environment that was simple, functional, and beautiful?


That’s why I created Purposeful Play

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